Valessentia Consulting

Our Expertise

Listen, guide and support

senior management

  1. Identify key support areas

  2. Identify bottlenecks

  3. Support managers in their efforts and help them keep things on track

Processes and results

  1. Develop work processes that work for you

  2. Establish the best pace of progress

  3. Measure results through the process followed

Compact to excel

  1. Permanently reduce lead time

  2. Focus on the essentials

  3. Stimulate creativity through the “workshop” working method

Monitor, train and coach to sustain

  1. Stabilise before pursuing improvement

  2. Standardise tasks

  3. Manage by showing

Pass on our knowledge and rapidly increase your profitability

  1. Focus on actual needs

  2. Transfer knowledge

  3. Support the customer in the long term (Lifelong Guidance).

  4. Continually raise the degree of indispensability

  5. Prepare managers for incorporating new innovative ideas

Any function of the organization is either in the value chain or a support of the value chain. Excellence results from improvements in basic processes, to the benefit of each internal customer, customer oriented.


The challenge is to know which resources to dedicate to which improvements in order to ensure the highest level of performance for the whole organization. The aim is to guarantee the greatest benefit for each stakeholder. 

Over the past 20 years gained in the field, the experts of the firm Valessentia have broken down all the steps that constitute the value chain.

Our know-how is developed on three axis of progress :

Value chain of an organization

Flow management

Flow management

Capitalize on know-how and develop the efficient sustainable attitude

- Optimise resources for lean production

- Standardise best practices

- Achieve agile processes

Process the demand from customer needs

- Permanently reduce lead time

- Spread and level demand by working to Takt Time

- Pull flow

Simplify and make robust processes by creating value streams

- Eliminate all forms of wastage

- Organise production lines and processes in continuous flow to get it right first time

- Calibrate ergonomic workstation

Variability control

Variability control

Eliminate painfulness at work

- Identify and control risk factors

- Transform the working environment in an ergonomic and lean manner

- Educate and empower

Eliminate any type of undergone stoppage and guarantee the reliability of the means

- Restore and safeguard the conditions for correct functioning of equipment

- Capitalise on know-how and safeguard individual skills

- Enrich the design or implementation of new equipment

Variability control

- Do not move by default to the next step

- Do not produce by default

- Eliminate specific causes of variability



Be agile and responsive to solve problems everyday

- Establish voluntarily-agreed discipline

- Work in multidisciplinary teams

- Resolve problems at the right level

Ensure operating results every year 

- Lead with indicators anchored in reality

- Deliver the annual progress plan with an eye on the long term

- Ensure cohesion with the leadership team

Continuously ensuring progress towards excellence

- Select and decide on focus areas for progress

- Drive change according to a shared itinerary

- Stay the course and maintain the pace of progress by constantly adapting to changes


Tried and tested methods based on our experience, our ongoing quest for best practice and our continued drive for innovation

Authorised training body (Approval No: 11 75 38543 75)

A total transfer of knowledge to enable autonomous deployment

A commitment to robust, lasting results

A team of expert consultants able to take rapid action in the major industrialised and emerging economies in their native language

A comprehensive approach combining performance and health and safety at work, while preventing drifts away from Lean methods

A single point of contact to help senior management develop their strategies and support operational staff in delivering them

Expert consultants with over 15 years of know-how, with operational expertise gained in the field

Our approach in five essentials

Only the value chain in the organization, deliver the customer.

Performance management consulting firm